Gel nail Beauty salon

We aim to find out the best matching treatment solution by understanding the nail condition followed by proposing attractive form with adaption of full-in approach to minimize the damage and keep the longevity.
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Our nail care

The cuticle will be carefully treated by experienced techniques by hand to bring the nail condition to its best. The replacement will be done in machine fill-in treatment (shave the top and coloring by machine to leave the base layer and add new layer).



give treatment

The treatment will lead to beautiful nails whoever desire to do so; people with damaged nail due to repeating gel nails, who never has done nail treatments before, and people with no confidence in their hands. Also the treatment will allow people to protect the nails, not only decorating it beautiful.

We have a request

We recommend that the customer to come with extra time because we treat the nails after taking a careful look at the moisture condition and the shape. We provide services so that the treatment time will become your healing time.

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