Allongee's Member

allongee Mari
From Kyoto Japan
Hobby Traveling, Cooking
Good design naturale&sexy

I was working with an esthetician and an eyelist in Japan.
Please feel free to ask me if you are worried for the first time.

allongee Akane
From Hiroshima Japan
Hobby Traveling,Yoga
Good design Glamorous & Cute

Nice to meet you,
I will help you in the eyes you want to be your eyes.
English correspondence is also possible.

allongee kayo
From Wakayama Japan
Hobby Handicraft
Good design
(Nail artist)
Simple elegance
Detailed touch

When the customer cannot decide the color and design, our staff is more than happy to propose the color suits your skin. Our approach is to consult the customer to find the ideal design together.

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