Collagen Beauty Machine

Longing for eternal beautiful skin by fundamentally changing your skin...
allongee model

This beauty machine will make such a dream come true.

Beauty treatment using lights.
20mins of irradiation.
Latest beauty machine from Europe with special light irradiates 622nm of visible ray beam.
Innovative beauty machine which will revitalize essential richness and luster of your skin.
People with sensitive skin can also use with safety.




There are difference among individuals but you will realize the changes in 1 to 3 times of usage

collagen Description Allongee

increase collagen and elastin in the body and create richness and luster to your skin

Prevent wrinkles, blots and freckles

Lift up effect

Improve circulation of the blood

Lead to good sleep

Rebalance the hormones

Recover the mental illness

Relaxing effect

Happy hormone serotonin secretion

Reduce the cellulite and support to lose weight

Create richness to the hair

Prevent thin hair and fallen hair


You will expect more visible effect by keeping once or twice a week pace for 3 months (after that you can maintain the effect by doing it twice a month)

what's collagen?

Collagen is a fibered protein which exist almost in all the tissues of the body such as skin, blood vessel, tooth. Collagen consists approximately 30% of all the proteins of human body. Collagen consists 70% of the elements under the cuticle of skin.

what's visible ray beam?

Visible ray beam is a light which you can recognize by your eyes. It is very safe light and it has been applied for many beauty devices and medical devices.

Not available


people who cannot use the machine...Bad physical condition,Pregnant,Allergic to light, Porphyria, Usage of coaching or steroid, Epileptic.

Collagen light might stimulate depending on medicines taken

Collagen machine image Collagen machine image
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