Eyelash extensions

We always consider safety and security first to offer eyelash
extension which you can continue for long time with delivery of proven technique and high education of eyes and sanitation.

Step of eyelash EX

allongee singapore eyelash
eyelash step1


Consultation of frame and feature of face, condition of original eyelash and eyes. We will offer solution to meet your request as much as possible from professional's point of view. 

allongee step
eyelash step2


Put on several temporary eyelashes to confirm difference between right and left / curl / design / etc with you. After that, we will put on the eyelash extensions.

allongee step of syelash EX
eyelash ex step3

After Counseling

We will check the finishing of the eyelashes with the you. The staff will explain about suitable aftercare considering the condition of original eyelash which varies by person by person.

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